Engineering Manager

Who's this guy?

Portrait of Yves Gurcan

I'm an engineering manager with a knack for empathetic communication and emotional intelligence.

I am passionate about supporting the success of my clients, teammates, and employer.

I'm constantly looking for ways to do better and improve processes.

I’ve been recognized by previous supervisors as a natural teacher and a skilled programmer.

I strive to lead by example and follow the principles of positive leadership.

            MovePlayer = (Direction) => {

              let {Player, NoClip} = ...this.state
              if (Player.Dead) return false
              // get the target coordinates
              let targetCoordinates = this.MoveObject({x: Player.x, y: Player.y}, Direction)
              // out of range
              if (
                targetCoordinates.y > WallMap.length - 1
                || targetCoordinates.y < 0
                || targetCoordinates.x > WallMap[targetCoordinates.y].length - 1
                || targetCoordinates.x < 0
              ) {
              // check if there is a locked door in the way
              let Door = this.CheckLockedDoors(targetCoordinates)
              if (Door.Locked && !NoClip) {
                let LockedDoor = this.UnlockDoor(Door.Object)
                if (LockedDoor.Unlocked) {
                  let UnlockMessage =
                  Gameplay.PartialMessages.UnlockDoor  + 
                  LockedDoor.Key +
                  this.setState({currentText: UnlockMessage, currentTextImage: null})
                else {
                    currentText: Gameplay.Messages.LockedDoor, currentTextImage: null

              let WallMap = [...this.state.WallMap]
              let MonsterMap = [...this.state.MonsterMap]
              let FullStateUpdate = true
              // player is attacking a monster
              if (MonsterMap[targetCoordinates.y][targetCoordinates.x] !== Empty) {
                FullStateUpdate = false
                // player is not moving
                targetCoordinates.x = Player.x
                targetCoordinates.y = Player.y
              else {
                // the player can not go there (there is a wall/door in the way)
                if (!this.DetectCollision(targetCoordinates)) {

Passionate about code

  • Users first. I believe that user experience should always be the priority.
  • Avid learner. I enjoy learning new technologies and paradigms.
  • Public speaker. I share my knowledge with enthusiasm and enjoy teaching others what I know.

Team player

  • Strong communicator. I tailor my discourse to fit my interlocutors' needs and role.
  • Organized. I excel at keeping track of priorities, meetings, issues, and ideas.
  • Documentation. I write and document code with the next developer in mind.


  • Initiative. I identify opportunities to ameliorate processes, communication, and experience.
  • Agile. I am comfortable with iterative development and frequent pushes to production.
  • Autonomous. I am in control of my workload and can manage small projects independently.